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Sponsors Needed

In order for SpaceDogs to be able to give as much money as possible to dog causes and rescue centres we are currently looking for sponsors for the following things:






And many other things you can help with.

How we will say thank you?

Your logo on the right linking to your website as a way of thanking you for your support, we will also endeavour to mention our sponsors at any opportunity whilst promoting the campaign/charity

We are aiming high in our attempts to promote the campaign and there is also that  thing money canít buy, the feeling of knowing you have helped some dogs have a happier life.

If you feel you could help in any way and make a donation towards or cover the costs of any of the items please contact me to discuss the details further

Please ensure you pop by our sponsors websites on the right..




Sponsors Logo

Sponsors Logo


Buy your ribbon now using the button below.

"My dog  would definitely need this yellow ribbon due to his history behaviour problems and he needs his space all the time especially in the public or in the park too" L.G

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